jQuery reactive menu

A javascript jQuery plugin that allows to build navigation menus based on the content of the page.


  1. The maximum heading level appearing in the menu is configurable
  2. If required, slugs are generated to populate headings' id attribute
  3. When the user click on the menu the page scroll until the correct heading
  4. Scroll speed is configurable
  5. It's possible to provide a scroll shift to work around any header
  6. It's also possible to configure what region the plugin consider active
  7. Last but not least it has an optimised strategy to update menu's active heading, which snappyness can be configured


You can build several kind of menus. Here are few examples:

  1. Classic, single depth menu
  2. Table of content, like the ones you find in books
  3. Breadcrumb, follow the user navigation, only displaying current document branch

All those can be done only using css (and sometime some javascript options). Advanced css styling can provide the advantages of all the above menu styles, including drop down menus and drawers.

Publié le 2015/09/02 dans javascript et jquery

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