xndxn is project to answer/reply to artist for which I can code, so for this I code it otherwise. That code takes the shape of writing, sound, images and scripts.

What Under Brain

Which is an explanation for WUB.

This is my first project. I use to live a free.fr under the name of «aneglus» follow me!.

At that point in time blogging was a thing. I got an internet connection and discered PHP through friends recommendation probably. I did coding before. At that time I took the blogging thing, my work on gimp and imagination to build the web *ahem* the wub. I did not build the web. [period.].

At at time this was called a Bultin \_.[Board]._/ or forum. I was much inspired by great forum where I grew up in Blanc-Mesnil (93150):

- Where does the this arrow come from?

- No sure, but it's now going nowhere fast.

We had great time of poesis and debates to smooth the pain of going through college.

I present in the following the artwork that I gathered thusfar regarding this project. Otherwise they live at deviantart.

It will be right back

- It will be back, thanks.

- I'd like to keep for myself.

- Do you mind?

[Original name: Hold up!]

IIRC this is one of the first piece I made for the wub and most of my artwork, if not all were made for the wub. Now I interpret it a lot as a robot which looks like death taking my mind away.

Nowhere fast

Or the «Dyptique [as in D1st0p1k]».

This is the very first. Digipaint on top /Morcheeba/ album /Dive Deep/ and /Morning view/.

[Original name: Now Way and Now Way Second]

At that time I was listening to so called /nowhere fast/, I liked the name and create those. The main idea is that wherever we {go think}, there is deep sens that looks through us {sometimes over us}. Overlooking? Is that really that Guliver is smarter than me?

The fact that it is a diptic explamplify how some time we can get through so quickly from both sides. Whatever black was the honest and white prosperity.

Those are two faces of a book mark. I made several using this format. It's inpsired by the sequence in a movie where the guy imagine his woman outside of the window on beach while him standing in the 10 floor room somewhere in an urban city far away from any source of water salted or not. This is /The head I hold/ by /Electric Guest/.

It is also a doodle.

Her ipod style

[Original name: Her ipod style]

This was made in reaction to the invasion of ipod at the beginning of the two thausand in Europe. This is nihiliste?

Other artworks are over at https://web.archive.org/web/20150225030159/http://aneglus.free.fr/. Avec la gracieuse copie d'une copie d'un WUB tel qu'il existait il y a 12 ans. Le frigo, est une tentative de rester plus focus sur mes études en developpement avec le resultat qu'on connais aujourd'hui.

Die! Die!

[Original name: Fuck Elite]

This is not a gif, but at that time I was dreaming about doing animations.

What's Under Brain? People.

[Original name: people-anim2.gif]

At that time gifs were done using gif format.

Personne à Personne

This is work I did in 2012. It has its roots in another journey, but I think that it's the correct section for it.

- 01 - xndxn - proje[c]t(e).ion lyrics

- 02 - xndxn - [emprise-on prise] au néant lyrics

He(a)re and [k]now {v}0.1

If there a one sided war, it's about your mind.

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